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        Bridging the Gap     

                    Commercial Pilot                       Jungle Pilot

Our specialty is the Mountain and Jungle Pilot program to help prepare a pilot for operations in a third-world-country environment, using airstrips instead of airports.

All of the above training is held at a Christian flight school. Our Christian flight instructors emphasize developing a high level of airmanship and mental discipline. Our missionary pilot training program has been used by several different pilots now serving at the uttermost parts of Gods kingdom.


Advanced Missionary Pilot Training Program --

Our "Top It Off" Program

  • Airmanship- Precise control of aircraft in all flight operations
  • Normal take off and landing ( 3 pt. Landings)
  • Normal take off and 2 Pt. Landing
  • Stabilized approaches ( aiming point and airspeed )
  • Short field take off and landing ( special procedures )
  • Soft field operations
  • Curved strip operations
  • Gross weight operations ( weight and balance and securing cargo )
  • Emergency operations (ditching in water and trees, fire, failed brake, emergency descent, and other emergencies).
  • Package drop
  • Dead reckoning and pilotage navigation
  • Mountain flying (updraft, downdraft, canyon turn etc.)
  • Low altitude maneuvering (sometimes necessary for dragging field, or maneuvering to land or take off at remote landing area).
  • All of the above training will be done a Cessna 180 aircraft, if student successfully completes the course he will be very well qualified in tail-wheel airplane operations and will receive a tail-wheel endorsement and a graduation certificate. It normally takes around 45-60 hours to complete this course.
  • Graduation is based on proficiency rather than hours. 
  • Our Specialty "TOP IT OFF" Program (Mountain and Jungle Pilot Training)

    • Recommended: Commercial with instrument and a minimum of 400 hrs. before starting**
    • 60 hrs. dual instruction in a Cessna C-180. No charge for instructor time on this one if student has been accepted by a mission when they apply for this program.
  • Missionary price for this program is $13,500

  • Regular price is $16,500 if applicant has not been accepted by a mission
  • We have also provided training to help prepare pilots for the TE (Technical Evaluation) We provide this training at $225.00 per hour for the airplane and no charge for the instructor.  Plan on around 20 hours for the TE prep. 
  • Disclaimer

    CWW, Christian Wings for the World does not guarantee graduation of the mountain and jungle pilot program or being accepted after you TE, (Our success rate has, however been very good) our staff will do their best to assist you in obtaining your goals). We do guarantee that you will receive the components of the package.

    If certification or graduation has not been achieved at the end of the program, additional training will be available at the current prices at that time.

    All students will be required to sign a liability waiver form before the first lesson.

    Preparing aviators for Christ

    If you still have unanswered questions, please feel free to contact us again. We hope to be your flight school.

    Thank you for considering Christian Wings for the World for your flight training needs.

    Christian Wings for the World
    736 Dillard Rd
    Ironton, Mo. 63650
    O- 573-734-2649 H- 573-734-2220


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