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Many people that I have told about our mission of training pilots and eventually placing planes and pilots in the field have made the comment that I can't afford to support such an expensive program. Compared to the price of a soul is it expensive?

Would you encourage the people of your congregation to donate the price of a 20oz. pop, each week for the support of Christian Wings for the World? This amounts to approx. $5.00 a month per person.
Most of us could do this and it would make a positive impact on getting the Gospel to others in the uttermost parts of God's kingdom.

If all the people that have heard about CWW would do this the needs of our mission would be met in a short time and we would be able to place planes and pilots in the field to support the missionaries that our brotherhood is already supporting.

Material things needed:

Aircraft: spare C-180, C-172, C-206, complex airplane C-210 Mooney M-20 etc.
Aircraft parts, supplies, radio equipment
Engine shop tools, Sheet metal shop tools, Hand tools
Grounds maintenance tools and equipment
Classroom furniture, Classroom supplies, Classroom equipment
Vehicles for ministry use
Materials and workers to reassemble our new/old hangars that were donated to us
Our asphalt runway resurfaced. It needs a 2 inch layer of hot mix
Refueling equipment tanks, pumps, filters etc.
Materials to re-erect hangars
Would your church consider a short term mission trip to work on projects at CWW

For details on above needs please contact us at 573-734-2649 email christwings1@socket.net
Christian Wings for the World Inc.
736 Dillard Rd.
Ironton, Mo. 63650

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