Hanger Project Update

Alaska Trip Successful

Lionel Smith Itenerary

Alaska Trip Successful

We heard that Kako Retreat needed a pilot. Sara and I flew our Cessna 180 to Alaska, we crossed the border North of Cut Bank Montana into Alberta. We landed at Lethbridge AB for customs. Customs was a pretty brief and simple stop. We got caught by weather and spent two days and nights at Lethbridge. We followed the Alaska Highway most of the way to Alaska. We cleared customs at Northway Alaska then went on to Anchorage. Karen Rhrinevault, a member of the Anchorage Christian Church opened her home to us. We met with Deryl Titus, minister of the Anchorage Christian Church. Deryl told me that their missions team had been talking about getting a mission work started in Alaska but didn’t have any air transportation to accomplish the task with. He was interested to know about Christian Wings for the World.

The next day, after the fog lifted we took of to Port Alsworth, AK to meet with Myron and Teri Martin. The Martins lived with us for fifteen months while Myron got training to prepare him for missions service. We flew through Lake Clark pass in some rather low weather. We landed at Port Alsworth just at dark. The Martins met us in the rain, helped us carry our things to their cabin and were great a great host to some tired and hungry travelers. Our stop at the Martins was certainly a good one. Late the next morning we went on to Kako Retreat which is near Russian Mission, AK.

The next two weeks Sara helped out in the Kitchen and other places and I (Lionel) flew campers, workers, teachers, and other supplies, groceries etc. in and out of the camps airstrip.

Overall this has been a great and interesting trip to say the least and gave me a chance to practice what I have been preaching so to speak, PTL.

Airplanes, four wheelers. snow mobiles, boats, guns, fishing equipment and many other things that are toys for us in the 48 are absolutely essential up here. There are




Milling Machine for Sale

  • Kearney and Treker vertical mill MODEL K Ser. # 17-3751

Please pray for God to send us a buyer that will buy this machines at a good price.

Lionel Smith Itenerary

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Alaska continued ...

winter trails shown on the aeronautical charts. These are trails made by snow machines, as they are called up here. These trails go for hundreds of miles. Imagine riding a machine in the open air at perhaps minus 40 for hundreds of miles.

Flight conditions in Alaska are different in many ways than here in the forty eight, although you might encounter some of the conditions here at times and in different places. We flew in high mountains, through narrow passes some that are too narrow to turn around in, long passes forty miles or more in many cases.

The weather in Western Alaska offered some sunshine, some fog, some rain, some low ceilings and various combinations of the above every day.

There are no cars, roads, railroads, power lines, phone lines, stores, police officers, and many of the other things that we are accustomed to, in most of Alaska. There are few phones and televisions the ones that are there are on generators or solar panels and batteries and dish antennas. The electricity was shut off from 10:00 pm to 6:30 during the week and less hours on weekends.

I flew to several villages to pick up Eskimo and Indian kids. I went as far West as the Bering Strait and landed at Hooper Bay to pick up kids and take them back home.

I, also, did a lot of welding for the mission when I wasn’t flying.





Hanger Project Update

CWW was given the opportunity to remove up to six 30x280 hangars the Capital airport in Springfield, IL. Two hangars have 9 bays each and one has 10 bays .

With volunteers and God's help. The hangers were disassembled and moved to Dove Field.

Several people have already come and worked on getting the 10 bay hangar back up. We still need a lot more workers and more financial support to get this project completed. Anyone who is interested in being a part of this project can contact us for details.


Alaska conclution...

Sara was working in the kitchen, helping cook and she also helped with Crafts and many other odd jobs besides baby sitting me and helping me to keep going. Most of the kids were Eskimos. The rest were Indian and Whites. Many of the kids that came were, for the first time, learning about our wonderful Lord. We pray that when they went home they would still want to learn more about God.

The only food there was what they shot or caught on a fishing pole. We did fly in some wieners on a couple of occasions. There were some berries but everything else had to be flown in including mail.

Big items had to be brought by barge once every six weeks during June, July, and August.

We loaded up and left Kako July 17th We we made several stops in Alaska and Canada.

July 23 We were in Kamloops, BC, we got up and filed an international flight plan to Scott airport in Oroville, Washington state, Scott is an airport of entry. It almost seems like were home again wow! Fuel is only $3.44 a gallon compared to up to almost six dollars a gallon.

Many people got to learn more about the good news of our Lord because of the airsupport. It has been said that Alaska begins where the road ends, it is obvious that missions need air support in many places in order to get the Gospel to those who have not heard.

If you are interested on more details about this mission trip or how you can help CWW to provide more support for missions please contact us.

In His grip

Lionel Smith

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