How You Can Help Send Missionary Pilots


We always need people willing to pray. Sign up to receive our newsletter. It includes prayer requests.


Training pilots is expensive! We need donations of cash. We need regular supporters who will help us pay our staff and operating costs. Even if all you can give is the price of a soda pop each week.

We are building a network of churches committed to this ministry.

We also need airplanes (in any condition) , tools and equipment. To send monetary contributions, make the check payable to: Christian Wings for the World and mail to:
Christian Wings for the World
736 Dillard Rd.
Ironton, Mo. 63650

(NOTE: If you want your donation to be used for the support of Lionel and Sara Smith (founders of CWW), or Greg and Elaine Gale (staff), please send a note stating that money is to be used for support of ( name/s).)



We have tremendous needs for volunteers. If you would like to help with a work project, please contact us. Simply mowing our grass runway and property is a huge task. We have a long list of maintenance and construction projects. Top

Two Flight Instructors Now Available:

? Contact us!


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