Former CWW Students Preparing for Service

Diana Van LooDaniel Clark Myron Martin

Diana Van Loo

From: Netherlands
Status: Student, 2000
Currently Serving: Diana and her husband Niko-Dirk hope to serve in Africa after further training.

Daniel Clark

From: Michigan
Status: Student, 2000
Currently Serving: This son of missionaries (who served in Moscow and Paraguay) hopes to enter mission aviation after further training. Top


Myron Martin  obtained his instrument rating, commercial pilot certificate, multi-engine rating and went through most of our mountain and jungle pilot training program.  Myron received an intermediate level graduation certificate. Myron comments: They will teach you things that can be done in airplanes that you may have previously thought impossible.  Landing on short obstructed runways.  Turning and flaring for landing at the same time as you maneuver through a curved approach.  Landing on curved airstrips and much more.  Lionel was always a perfect gentleman, even at those times when things were getting very busy in the cockpit.  As a missionary in Alaska I have found the training to be priceless.



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