CWW Alumni Serving in Asia

Geerten VreugenhenhilKris YusCarl StevensWilly Kocu Frank Toews

Geerten Vreugenhenhil

Geerten Vreugenhenhil

From: Netherlands
Status: Graduate of Advance Pilot Training, 1997
Currently Serving: Mission Aviation Fellowship in Iraian Jaya
"We had a good time with MAF and I was the only one of four that passed
the technical, it went well. I was ready for it because of the training
you gave me."


Kris Yus

From:a third world country, Sentani, Irian Jaya, Indonesia
Status: Former student, 1999
Currently Serving: World Team Missions in Irian Jaya
Roger Stuber (Chief Pilot for Tariku Aviation, Irian Jaya) writes:
"As I was reading your email, Kris was just departing on a flight with a load of people and cargo to a small lowlands strip about 80 miles south of here. He is doing a good job of flying for us and now has about 900 hours of flight time. One thing I've really appreciated about his training at CWW is his good
rudder/tailwheel steering control. I spite of some very rough strips, sideslopes, etc, he does a great job of keeping it down the centerline." Top

Carl Stevens

From: Arnold, Missouri
Status: Graduated Advanced Pilot Training, 1999
Currently Serving: Christian Aviation and Radio Mission, Philippines Top

Willy Kocu

Willy Kocu

From: a third world country,  Sentani, Irian Jaya, Indonesia
Status: Former student, 1999
Currently Serving: AMA Top



Frank Toews

From: Canada
Status: Graduated Advanced Pilot Training, 2000
Currently Serving: Frank is finishing preparation to fly for World Team Mission in Irian Jaya.
"I would like to begin by saying again how much we enjoyed staying there, and we found everyone there a joy and delight to work and fellowship with. I would also like to say again how much I value the extra training I received there." Frank transferred to AIM-AIR in Nairobi, Kenya, Africa  Note: after several years of service with AIM-AIR Frank died in a plane crash that is believed to have been caused by a failure in an aircraft system (we still don't know for sure). Please pray for Tiffiny and the children as they continue to live and work in Africa  Top




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