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       The Lord calls us all to do works of service of one kind or another Eph. 4: 11-13 It was He who gave some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelists, and some to be pastors and teachers, to prepare God's people for works of service so that the body of Christ may be built up.  I got a call to start training missionary pilots in the fall of 1978, I heard the call and even made a few plans to go ahead and do it.  At the time I got the call I had a going business, doing flight training, air taxi service, flying backup for a commuter airline, I had a working agreement with Skyways Airline who was based at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. I also had FAA blessings to fly the Skyways scheduled flights. 

       A friend of mine, Roland Tetley, who was also a pilot and manager of the Lee C. Fine airport at Lake of the Ozarks for a number of years.  Roland was a manager for Skyways Airline (mentioned above).  Roland had a heart attack one day and called my office for a medical flight to V.A. hospital at Columbia Mo. That's right Roland made the call.  My son Skyler was managing things for me at the airport that day.  I was flying a student locally in our Cessna 150.   My son Skyler called me on the aircraft radio and told me that Roland had called for me to come to Lee C. Fine for a flight in our Cessna 172 but he didn't say why or where, however Skye noted a different note of urgency in Roland's voice.  I told Skye to get the 172 untied, fueled and made ready for a flight, which was done before I could get landed.  My student was able to taxi the 150 so I instructed him to park the plane and tie it down and we would log the flight another day.  I quickly started the already warmed up 172 and taxied out for an immediate take off.  When I arrived at Lee C. Fine I saw the door open to Roland's office and a number of people standing there.  I still didn't know what was going on.  When I got in the office Roland was on the floor looking at me. The room was filled with other people.  I asked Roland what he wanted me to do, he said take me to Columbia as soon as possible and that he had suffered a heart attack.  Skyway airline had a flight that had just taxied out so I contacted the pilot of that flight to ask him to hold while I took off.  I ran the power wide open all the way to Columbia, I radioed ahead to have the ambulance waiting when we got there.   Roland had four by passes and recovered very well.  Roland had an Airstream travel trailer and I had a place to park it so we became close neighbors

       I was also busy doing aircraft rental, banner towing, ag plane service and several other things.  I was married and had three wonderful children, and a few dollars in the bank and I was simply too busy, having fun doing what I wanted to do and making money, to do the job that God had called me to.  (Priorities all wrong) 

       1979 started off to be the best year we had ever had with a lot of flying going and a lot more already contracted, I had already put on quite a few tons of fertilizer to top dress wheat fields, and seeded several acres of other fields.  In April the spray season was getting started, on Saturday the 28 th. I put some herbicide on a wheat field and was scheduled to spray some insecticide on and alfalfa field the following Monday, so it was necessary to flush out the spray system with detergent and water, in order to get rid of the herbicide, the plane I had, used a windmill spray pump, so the plane had to be in the air in order for the pump to work.  I loaded the plane with detergent and water, filled it up with fuel and took off to flush out the system over the home airport.  I took off and made a spray run along side the runway thinking that what chemical was in the system would kill the dandelions and other weeds,  I made two spray runs and was turning around for the third one when the engine stopped.  At low altitude and airspeed with no power the choices of what to do was very limited, and you guessed it the landing was very hard. 

       The airplane pan-caked down so hard that it totaled and almost did me as well.  The hospital that the ambulance took me to told my wife Sara that I would certainly die and furthermore they weren't going to do anything to attempt to change that.  There was, however, a lady in the waiting room that told Sara to have the ambulance to take me to Columbia to the University Medical Center and at least they would do something.  When the ambulance arrived at UMC 9:30 Sunday night the head orthopedic surgeon and his surgical team were there, PTL. the impact  crushed my back  and gave me a massive brain hemorrhage.   After all these injuries Dr. Gaines new I would never be able to hold a normal job again so he applied for my disability, which turned out to be a blessing for the years that I had it.  With the physical injuries sustained in the plane crash I will never again be an employable person, in the sense of holding a normal job. 

       The shoulder harnesses held but they pulled my shoulders so far out of place that my left arm was paralyzed for a couple of weeks, there were many other lesser injuries.  After 56 days in the hospital and nine more years of healing God healed me to the point that I can do what He called me to do in 1978, PTL God gave me another chance.  Dr. Robert Gaines was the surgeon that put me back together.  He put four Harrington rods in my spinal column and fused six vertebrae.  Because of the spinal cord injuries I lost bladder and bowel control, feeling in several parts of my body and some other control functions.  The resulting pain was also at times unbearable, I am so thankful for the comfort and healing that God provided during these years and the encouragement of a loving wife and three wonderful children.

       One day after Roland had been out looking for property where he could raise some farm animals, he came by and told me that his realtor had a piece of property that I might be interested in, near Mountain View, Mo.  I bought that property and we all moved together to the Mountain View area.  August 10th. 1980 with seven vehicles in the group my son Skyler 16years old, with his own car loaded full, commented, “We got us a convoy.” as we headed out with all of our most valuable belongings.

       When we arrived there I had three airplanes, none of which I could fly.  A Cessna150, Cessna-172, and a Piper Pawnee.  I traded the 150 for some calves, and sold the Pawnee to an airport operator at a near by airport.  Noel Orchard from Eminence, Mo. heard about my 172 and ended up buying it.

       As the years went by my emotions were always on a roller coaster, it seemed I had moments of bitterness because of my physical condition and remembering the rapidly growing business we had at the Lake of the Ozarks.  I had moments of happiness, moments of accomplishments, and a time of spiritual strengthening.  During these years I struggled to help Sara, now the breadwinner of our family.  Sara had cooked at some of the finest restaurants at the Lake of the Ozarks, now she was cooking at the nursing home in Willow Springs, Mo. to make enough money to keep from losing our home our car and the Cessna 172 which was still financed and to meet all the other expenses.   I believe it was 1983 when Noel bought the C-172.  I built a gooseneck trailer out of an old mobile home that a friend gave me and started hauling hay from Illinois.  I sold the hay to help support the family.  It was quite a challenge trying to make ends meet.  We raised some animals for food and to sell.  Our eldest son Skyler raised some ducks and our younger son Robert raised rabbits and all of us worked on the garden, my daughter Kayla was pretty small then but she helped out when she could.   God provided the increase and true to His promise we were not forsaken.

       Noel came by one day    and told me during 1989, that he was going to Thayer to get his flight physical renewed and suggested that I should go with him to see if I could pass a flight physical as well.  Noel told me that Dr. Phillips would be willing to work with me to see if I could get through the medical paper work that would be necessary because of all the injuries that I had sustained in the plane crash in 1979.

       In 1989, because of Noel's encouragement, I got a feeling that I should go for a flight physical, of course I questioned that idea, with all the injuries that I had the chances of passing one was remote at best.  After the physical exam the Dr. Phillips told me that if I hadn't told him of the injuries that I had and the fact that FAA had denied me a medical, that he would have given me a class II which is for commercial operations.  I only asked for a class III that is what I got after a number of other tests.

       After getting the medical, I wanted to get my pilot certificate renewed so I started checking around to see where I could hire a flight instructor and rent an airplane for a refresher and a flight review to reinstate my pilot certification.  I located a flight instructor (George Meyers) in Willow Springs, Mo.  which is just six miles West of where I lived. So far so good now we need an airplane. No one in the area had a rental airplane however George new of an airplane, a (Piper Colt) at Houston Mo. which was only about and hour drive.   Now this is getting to the point where I am starting to wonder if I am up to taking a check ride without a lot of training.  I am also a little uneasy about how I might react to the flight environment after all that had happened and the time that had elapsed since I was last a current pilot.  The flight check was short and I felt right at home, which was a confirmation to me that I had done the right thing so far.  I am still not sure what the Lord has in mind for me, or if this is just something I want to do.

       After getting my pilot status current, I got the urge to use it.  With no rental airplanes near by I started thinking about buying one (a rather bizarre idea considering that I hadn't been able to work for a number of years and the income from Sara's work barely covered the expenses, we also had three children at home).  Sara bless her heart wanted me to get to fly again (Sara has done a lot of those special, above and beyond things through the years.  I thank the Lord for Sara quite often, she is very special to me. Sara sat down with me to see what she could get by without and what we could sell to figure a way to buy an airplane.  We came up with the figure of ten thousand dollars that would be the maximum that we could even consider and only then with a very friendly banker.  We drove into Willow Springs to talk to Pat Stuart, who is a used car dealer who also is a pilot.  I thought he might know of an airplane for sale in the area.  Pat had a 1958 tri-pacer that he said he would sell for ten thousand five hundred.  Close but still five hundred more than the limit that we set.  I asked him if we could get a mechanic to do a pre-buy inspection on it, Pat agreed to take it to Houston, Missouri to Paul Morrison for the inspection.  Paul found two cylinders that were low on compression and Pat said he would reduce the price by a thousand dollars, now the price is within the limits we set on the price.  After the repairs were done the price was still under ten thousand. 

       Sara and I made several local flights and I had a good feeling about getting to fly again.  Now we decided it was time to go see our son Skyler who was in the Navy, Skyler was stationed at NAS Dallas, and was living at Arlington, Texas.   The tri-pacer didn't have radios that were dependable so we were navigating the old fashioned way using pilotage and dead reckoning, (chart, compass, and clock) and of course the communication radios didn't work very well either.  Going down it was a great trip.  We spent about a week with the family in Texas that wouldn't have been possible without the (paper piper, as Paul Morrison called them).   On checking the weather I found that we would have to leave the next morning in order to get Sara home in time to get her back to work.  A front was coming to Missouri that was expected to become stationary causing low weather for several days, and without instrument capabilities that was not good.  We took off in the sunshine and headed for the show me state.  We experienced a very unwelcome situation right after take off, we had a strong head wind 20 -30 knots, as a result it is taking a lot longer to get home than I first estimated and required an extra fuel stop, again adding to the travel time.  The weather and the sun were going down together.  Harrison Arkansas was within our fuel range and by the time we got there the weather had gone from clear and unlimited to 2000 overcast and 4 miles visibility by sundown.  As the temperature cools down at night the weather usually deteriorates right along with it.  I had pretty well made up my mind to over night at Harrison but Harrison still had a flight service station (a place where a pilot can walk in and check the weather). I went in and talked to the weather briefer about the remainder of the flight to Cabool, he said that the weather would probably get better going that way.  The weather gradually got worse and with no radio to get a weather updates and very seriously doubting the weather behind us to be any better than what we were in at this time. The time remaining to Cabool being less than that back to Harrison I chose to continue to Cabool.  I had checked the altimeter at Harrison and found it to be near perfect for accuracy, which gave me a little more confidence that we knew our distance above the terrain.  The loran had proven itself to be very accurate on this trip even though we had terrain clearance we went pretty close to two towers that were above us and didn't see either one of them.  The loran and God's grace and mercy guided us directly to the approach end of the runway at Cabool.  By the end of that flight Sara and I decided that it was no more long cross-country flights until the airplane was equipped and it and I were certified for instrument flight.   After more hard work selling more things and shopping around the country I managed to get enough new equipment to make the little airplane comfortable for flight in instrument conditions.  I got the equipment installed and the airplane certified the next step was for me to go for a competency check ride to get recertified as an instrument pilot.

       In a few days I decided that perhaps I should try to renew my flight instructor certificates, I didn't really think I could without a lot of problems re-testing etc.  I called FAA and they told me that all I had to do was pass a CFI renewal check flight, sounds easy enough.  Praise God he guided me through all the maneuvers on the check ride and I was a flight instructor again.  It still wasn't clear to me where all this was going, but I felt like there was more to it than just me wanting to do all this.  I did think that I would like to teach my kids to fly but didn't have any idea that I would ever again do anything as a pro-pilot.

       Shortly after I got recertified as a flight instructor brother Noel Orchard (now mayor of Eminence, Mo.) once again entered the picture by telling the Mayor of Mountain View, Mo. that I had my CFI renewed and that I might consider opening a flight school in Mountain View.  She, Joan Smith, came to me and asked if I would be willing to give her city a flight school and before I could say no, I said yes.  The city and Charlie Webster (the airport manager) was very cooperative and helpful through it all and the flight school gave me experience and opportunities to get current in flying again.

            Sara and I went to the airport in Mountain View in March of 1990 and put the tri-pacer on the line as a trainer and rental airplane.   Some of our customers weren't happy about the fact that the little plane was covered in fabric, so I started looking for a metal airplane.  Sara and I were in Illinois on a trip to visit family and on the way back home we went through Jerseyville, IL. where Skyler our first son was born and also where we had purchased our first airplane (a tri-pacer) and hangar.   I made my first solo flight at the Jerseyville, Illinois airport in 1963.  On the way past the airport we pulled in to see if there were any airplanes for sale

            While we were at the airport in Jerseyville we found a Cessna 150 for sale.  The price was right so we bought 7901F,a 1966 Cessna 150, a two-place airplane.  Bert Rodgers was a flight instructor for Smith's Flying service. Bert gave approximately a 1000 hours of flight instruction in 12 months. 

            In 1990 we bought a Cessna 310 that was in pretty bad condition.  It took us 10 or 11 months to make it airworthy.

            In 1991 we bought another Cessna 150 7953G to train with.  We were getting pretty busy by now and meeting quite a number of Christians who were interested in flying. 

            1992 another C-150 became available on a lease basis so we added it to the fleet as needed.  With Bert Rogers, to help out and three 150s available and several rental customers a 310 and a tri-pacer we were staying pretty busy.  During this time period Noel Orchard offered the Cessna 172 back to me if I wanted to buy it so we added it to our fleet.

            1993, In the middle of a busy day on the flight line during the summer of 1993 I got a little slack and went in my office, closed the door and sat down at my desk to enjoy the peace and quiet.  I hadn't been there very long when I heard this voice (Remember 1978?) yep I sure did.  I took that as a note that I was being given another chance to do what God called me to do back in 1978. 

            I knew that in order to train pilots for third world country operations I would need some special training and I didn't know where to start, so I asked God for direction then He gave me the a nudge to call Moody Bible College in Chicago Il.  and ask them if they had a flight program.  Their answer was yes the do have a flight program but not at their Chicago campus.  They were helpful in that they gave me the number and a name to call at their Elizabethton Tennessee campus.  I called Tenn. and told their chief instructor what I was looking for and after answering several questions for him, he told me that the only way they could help me would be to send me a list of pilot placement organizations that used bush pilots in the mission field.  I received the envelope in a few days that had a lot of good information in it.  I started looking for a place in the Midwest, so I wouldn't have to travel so far, but there weren't any missionary training facilities in the Midwest.  I continued to search the list.  I noticed an organization named Tribal Air and Communications and wondered if that could be part of New Tribes Mission.  A friend of mine, Carl Hanks that lived at the Lake of the Ozarks told me about New Tribes Mission and their flight program.  I dialed the phone and before the phone even rang a second voice told me that these people won't help you because you are not part of their organization so I hung up the phone.  Before I could even take my hand off the phone the first voice came back saying you quit on me in 1978 and I am giving you another chance.  I picked up the phone and pushed the redial button I am still hearing the other voice telling me I am wasting my time calling these people.  When Tribal Air answered I told the lady on the other end who I am and what I wanted she told me that I would have to talk to their chief pilot, Mr. Jim Ferguson.  That voice is still there trying to get me to hang up and forget it but I have made up my mind that I am not quitting with out giving it a good try this time.   In a couple of minutes Bro. Jim Ferguson (chief pilot for New Tribes Mission/Aviation, TAC(Tribal Air and Communications) back then) came on the phone and I shared with him the need that I had and he said that they would be glad to help any way they could and asked when I could come to AZ. and guess what that voice with all the negative stuff was gone PTL.  I told Bro. Jim that I could schedule to come the last week of Sept. or the first week of Oct.  He told me that he couldn't help me the first week of Oct. because that is the time that they do their evaluation for their up and coming new jungle pilots to be, so I told him I would be down the last week of Sept.  Sara was excited about the fact that God was providing the opportunity for me to get the training that I needed but was not the least bit interested in flying over the Rockies to get there because of the rugged terrain and the possibility of bad weather.  The night before we were supposed to go to AZ. I checked the weather and noticed that we had a very unusual weather pattern.  There were four high pressure systems across the Northern half of the U. S. that not only provided us with unusually clear weather but also provided us with a tail wind all the way to Douglas Arizona, WOW PTL.  We had a very good trip to say the least. 

            The first day of training started with a flight with brother Jim in a C-185 where he demonstrated a short field takeoff and landing using some field techniques and also checking me on some other maneuvers.   Next several flights were with Paul Dye also in the C-185  21X where I learned things like canyon turns, ridge crossings, special purpose takeoff and landing procedures, package drops and more.   It was a great time to say the least.  Normally it takes several months of training.  In my case I had several thousand hours of flight experience than the typical applicant.   After the final testing they gave me a graduation certificate PTL.  Now I felt much more confident about training others to be bush pilots for our Lord's air force.  Sara and I had a great time of fellowship with Paul and Pat Dye and many others at TAC base.   Paul Dye is one of the missionary pilots that was kidnapped in Columbia South America in Oct. of 1985.  With God's intervention Paul escaped from the Guerilla camp, in conditions that was certainly impossible within human standards.  Tribal Air and Communications/TAC is now New Tribes Mission/Aviation.  NTM made a video of this account.  The video is available from New Tribes Missions in Sanford, FL, the video title is "When Things seem Impossible".

           To summarize the trip to Arizona, we had beautiful weather all the way including a tailwind, (the wind is normally from the West, this time it was from the East, imagine that!)  While I was there I flew with Jim Ferguson, Chief Pilot, then Paul Dye, TAC's Senior Pilot, after considerable testing and teaching me the specialty things I would need to know, Paul took me to the graduation strip in New Mexico.  The graduation strip is 950 feet long in the bottom of a canyon with a mountain sitting at the end.  This strip is sloping up and to the side, very rough and narrow and only a one way strip.  After successfully landing and taking off from there I was given a Certificate of graduation

           Sara and I had a good trip home we, spent a night at Alamosa Colorado on the way.   The aspens were in full color and went up to approx. 11,400 feet on the mountainsides.  We really enjoyed our trip home.  We went North of our route that we used to get to Arizona so we could enjoy the beauty of Grand Canyon and many other of the great works of our God.

Bro. Jim Ferguson invited us to come to a missionary pilot safety seminar in Sanford Florida in 1994, that was three days well spent.

            1994, Ninety four and five were very busy.  Our Lord was preparing the way for us by sending a quite a few students, with a high percentage of them being pastors, elders, deacons, Sunday school teachers, and even missionaries, for different levels of flight and ground training.   We were also flying mercy flights using Smith's Flying Service airplanes.

           In the meantime we noticed that most of the students we were training were Preachers, Elders, Deacons, Sunday school Teachers, Missionaries, and dedicated Christians. (Again not a normal thing at a public flight school)  (Another nudge).

Then we met Paul and Janice Wedin (who had made a lot of missionary trips to Mexico.  And at this time owned Promise Land Airpark (appropriate name, don't you think.  Paul and Jan offered a lot of encouragement and support.

Sara and I are still looking for direction and encouragement to get going with.

Greg Gale, a Pastor from Summersville, MO came to us for flight training and soon he and his wife, Elaine became a part of CWW.  Greg was helping out in our repair shop to maintain the airplanes that we were using on the flight line.

Richard Castle, (Minister at the Christian Church at Calleo, Missouri) came and helped us get things together to help us get our corporate charter.

In the meantime we bought a 1953 Cessna 180 N2941A to use for our missionary pilot training

Sara was cooking at the Rock Garden Christian service Camp at West Eminence, Missouri. While Sara was working at the camp she met Marvin Valentine.  Marvin was the minister at the Winona Christian Church, Marvin was a pilot and interested in what we were doing and offered to help out.  Marvin sent out mailers to various churches and also suggested the name "Christian Wings for the World." Marvin has gone to be with our Lord. 

          1996, Ninety six I got around to working on getting our non-profit corporation approved in the state of Missouri, a task that we were told was difficult at best, June the nineteenth of ninety six is the date on our corporate charter.  I was then asking God how to get the word out to the rest of the world that we are here and why we are here.  In a few days I got a call from Bro. Jim Ferguson telling me that he had gotten a call from a young man (Geerten Vreugendhil) in the Netherlands. Geerten needed some special training in the Cessna 180/185 type airplanes so that he might be able to pass the MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) flight evaluation.  Geerten sent an e-mail stating that he was one of four that came for evaluation at that time and that he was the only one that passed (I took this as a confirmation from God that I was doing what He wanted me to) 

            The next step was to try to get our tax exempt status IRS 501 C3, several people once again told us it would be better to get listed with a church or other organization that already had one, because it was difficult to impossible to get one on your own.  They didn't seem to understand that we had God with us on this project, the 501 C3 was soon approved, PTL.   Since then we have trained several other pilots from places such as Germany, Canada, others from the Netherlands, , Africa and even the U. S.   At this time all the missionary pilots that trained here are currently working with aviation missions in third world countries.  Several other pilots took some flight training with us during these years.

December 1998 I was once again to the point where I didn't know what God wanted me to do.  SFS (Smith's Flying Service) had five airplanes sitting there along with two simulators, pilot supplies etc. and CWW had one airplane sitting there.  I asked God to show me what he wanted me to do.  In one month the two most indebted airplanes sold one for cash, (not a normal thing), the other for a cashier's check, both for my asking price and no squawks.  (not, a normal thing). 

(Note during the summer of 1998 our CWW board was talking about starting to raise money to buy a piece of land to put an airstrip on).  We notified our prayer warriors to ask God to provide us with money to buy a piece of land with that we could put and airstrip on.  (I have a really bad tendency to limit God even though I know God has no limitations to His power)

1999, The first week of January 1999 Brother Greg Gale (CWW Treasurer by now) picked up the CWW mail and found a Title Deed for an airport that was made out to Christian Wings for the World.  (I believe this, along with the quick sale of two airplanes, that weren't even advertised at the time, was a pretty obvious clue that I was to shut down Smith's Flying Service and move to the CWW property near Ironton, Missouri.   (Wow, PTL).

Closing our business, Smith's Flying Service, our livelihood, leaving the only real home we ever had, we lived there nineteen years, and the place where we last had our three wonderful children all together was possibly the most difficult task I ever had to do.  This is also the place where I had made many friends and fond memories of raising cows, restoring old cars, gardening, and many other thing while God was healing my broken body.   It was also difficult to leave our home church, which we helped to build.  FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF Mountain View, Mo.  If you are ever in that area please stop by for a visit or to worship at this wonderful church.

Greg and Elaine moved to the CWW property in November 1999. James Ratcliffe from Wis. came and helped us get our water lines installed to get water to Greg’s mobile home.  Glenn Vetter was also involved in helping us get moved in.  The property was very grown up in sprouts and trees and there was a large dozer pile of trees that was left behind from when the airstrip was originally put in.  This dozer pile needed to be moved and a lot of other improvements, requiring a bulldozer needed to be done.  Brother Noel Orchard is mentioned earlier in this account of how CWW got started.  I was telling Noel about our new airstrip and some of the needs including the need for a dozer.  When I got to the part about the dozer a smile came on Noel's face, then he told me that he had a D-7 Caterpillar with a bulldozer blade on it and he would help us with this part.

Noel Orchard brought his D-7 bulldozer and did a lot of work for us in cleaning up our property.  He took out a lot of trees that were certainly in the way as well as moving old dozer piles, cleaning out drain ditches and doing many other much needed tasks.

Glenn Vetter, a local resident, who used to live in Illinois not far from where I grew up was able and willing to help out also.    Glenn was our grounds keeper and general handyman.  Glenn mowed the grass, built things we needed serviced all sorts of things to keep us going.  Glenn built the wall that formed our first office.

Sara and I moved there in December 1999, Andy Day and his family arrived from Cody, Wyoming in December 1999 also.  Andy came for pilot and mechanic training.  Christmas of 1999 was very quiet at Dove airstrip.  Sara and I had Christmas dinner for two this year.

On New Years eve. we had a praise and worship time to see the new year in. The heated hangar that God gave us was a good place to do this, and it seemed like the appropriate way to see the new century in. 

2000 was a busy year we trained two pilots for service in third world countries Frank Toews from Canada and another foreign national,  Frank is a Moody school of aviation graduate.  Frank earned our graduation certificate for mountain and jungle flying.  

December 2000 we had a Christmas dinner and fellowship time with CWW staff, student's family and three neighbors that totaled 26 people.

We trained several pilots including two Jungle Pilots this year at Dove Airstrip. Willy Kocu the other Frank Toews, a Canadian, that will be serving with another mission.   We currently have six students working on various levels of certification.

2001 Started off to be a busy year of working in the shop going to conventions, doing presentations flying mercy flights, flying students, working on improvements on the property and many other things.

Jared Willey from South Carolina came to train for his flight instructor certificate, which he successfully passed all the tests for.  Jared is a dedicated Christian.  Jared and his family are members of the Mennonite church.  Jared feels a call to missionary aviation work.

May 27, 2001 Missionary pilot Martin Burnham and his wife Gracia were kidnapped in the Philippines.  Martin was born and raised in the Philippines, his parents were missionaries there.  Martin served as a flight instructor for us during his furlough of 98.  Because of the encouragement and instruction that Martin gave me, I made two missionary support flights to Haiti.

June of 2001 we had our traditional annual Gospel sing and bar b que.  We were blessed with a good crowd, estimated at 400.  I asked our crowd to pray for the Burnhams

Joel Harper came during his summer break from College of the Ozarks, to get his instrument rating.  PTL we were successful again and he was the only one in his class that got the instrument rating during summer.  Joel needed this rating so that he could enroll in the fall semester for commercial pilot training.  Joel is a Missionary Kid his parents are missionaries for New Tribes Missions, in Papua New Guinea.

July CWW had an exhibit at the EAA, Experimental Aircraft Association air show in Osh- Kosh, WI. this was a great time of fellowship with many others that are involved in missionary aviation.  MASA Mission Aviation Support Association sponsored the tent for our exhibits, they furnished all our food and transportation without which it would not have been possible for us to have gone to this gathering PTL.

During August, Rock Garden Christian Service Camp from Mountain View, Missouri brought their deeper life campers and staff out for a work day and thanks to all that helped out, a lot of work was accomplished that day.  I don’t think I ever saw a bunch of kids work so hard for so long.  I don’t think I heard any complaints from anyone.  Sara, bless her heart, fixed lunch for 85 people that day.  All were fed on time and a very small amount of food was left over PTL there was enough.  God promised to supply our needs PTL.

 September the 8th 2001, Sara and I were on our way to Virginia Beach, Va. to visit our son Skyler and pin his new rank on him, Skyler made chief petty officer Skyler is in the Navy.  When we stopped in Dayton Ohio to visit our son Robert and his family, Rob is stationed in Dayton at this time at Wright Patterson  AFB.  Sara and I were in the air force museum when the airplanes hit the world trade center Sept. 11th 2001.  9/11  

All small aircraft were grounded for several weeks and all contacts from international students stopped for quite a while.  Due to the fact that over half of our support comes from doing flight training, this put a real squeeze on our already very limited finances, things looked really bad at that time.  We, the CWW staff prayed for God to show us what He wanted us to do now it became evident that we were to build the rooms on that we had talked about for some time.  We needed a new office, new flight operations room and a storage/furnace/multi-use room.  God blessed us with enough of everything to get our new office finished to the point that we could use it PTL. 

My cousin, whom I have seen very little of for many years, Kenny Campbell from Rolla, Mo. John Mayberry from Ind., Gary Steele from Kansas Ok. and several other came to work on our construction projects.  Greg Reinoelh from Greencastle Ind., a sector supervisor for Indianapolis Center (ARTCC, Air Route Traffic Control Center) and also a pilot brought us a load of lumber that we needed in order to start building the rooms we needed.  Bro. Greg Reinoelh asked if it was ok if the lumber was Maple,(Maple is much better lumber than the common pine).  Many others donated materials and money to make it possible for us to have the rooms we so desperately needed.

During the fall we got back into flying again.  Trevor Johnson is now training with us to prepare for missionary pilot service.  Jason Dillard is training with us.  Jason is working on his private certificate at this time.  Others have come for various types of training.

We made application for CWW to be able to give student visas for our international students that need to come for long-term training.  We have been approved through the first stages.  Due to the terrorist activity last September it may take a while and a lot of prayers to get this one through.

Christmas 2001 was another great time of fellowship with CWW workers students, staff, and friends.  Christmas dinner brought 23 guests this time for our CWW dinner.

Sara and I/CWW hosted a Christmas dinner for the Community Christian Church with a good crowd, approx. 25 people attended this one

           2002, Started busy with the holidays over we were back under construction. Scott Ratliff from Theodosia, Ron Thomas from Joplin, and several others came to do the drywall and other necessary chores to make our new office ready to use. 

        Trevor Johnson is still in training with us, Carl Stevens of ACM, African Christian Missions, who is serving with CARM Christian Aviation and Radio Mission in the Philippines is here for a refresher. Jason Dillard is now flying solo.

        April has been a busy month with a lot of conventions and speaking engagements in addition to keeping the flight students going.

Joel Pierce from Fredericktown, Mo. started his flight training.  Joel is a strong Christian from a Christian family.  Joel is not sure at this time if he will become a missionary pilot, but he may.  Joel completed his private pilot training this year.

        Djamba Mundeke (a Congolese national) from Democratic Republic of the Congo arrived in St. Louis on April the nineteenth and is now here with us for additional training to prepare him for mission aviation support in his home country.  Djamba is our first African national student.  Djamba is with Wings of Caring Djamba D. Mundeke is a missionary of the General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church assigned to the Central Congo Annual Conference in the Democratic Republic of Congo, formerly Zaire. Based in Kananga in the central part of the country, he serves as a pilot and electronic technician for the Wings of Caring Aviation Ministry.

       Wings of Caring planes soar as they carry pastors, professors, school supplies, medicines, and emergency equipment to otherwise unreachable locations. "We fly the airplane over the jungle and any other place in the country where roads are almost nonexistent; the airplane is the only means of transportation to reach people in need of help and spread the Gospel, "explains Djamba.

 June 7th 2002 Martin Burnham was killed and his wife Gracia was wounded during a shoot out between Philippine government troops and the Guerilla soldiers.


            June 8th 2002 We had our annual open house that had been scheduled for several weeks, some of us were having a hard time being cheerful today.  The good news is we knew that Martin was at home with our heavenly father and I am thankful that I had a chance to know and work with Martin.

            Greg Gale, our treasurer and all around co-worker, is now working on getting his commercial pilot certificate.

            Several other pilots are in training at this time.

            October 16th 2002 Don Morris, an MK (missionary kid) started working on his private certificate.

Don  is a schoolteacher who has worked several years for a Christian school and now wants to take pilot training to use in ministry work or perhaps even in the field. 

December 9th 2002Myron Martin, who is already a private pilot, is now starting his work on getting his commercial pilot certificate, instrument rating, Multi-engine rating and his jungle pilot training.

            Jan. 2003 we were having more that our usual amount of winter weather this year.  Student inquiry is up a little which is an encouraging factor. 

Sara and I are scheduled to be the missionaries for VBS at the Cornerstone Christian Church in Alliance OH July, 21-23-2003.  They also asked if I would do an airplane demonstration for their congregation.  This was a great time of fellowship with the people of Cornerstone Christian Church and a great time working with their young people.  The VBS class raised enough money to buy CWW a much-needed weather station.  We gave all the kids an airplane ride that had their parents permission.  I also had the opportunity to demonstrate some of the maneuvers and procedures that we train our missionary pilots to perform.  Forest Barber of, Barber Aviation, was a great help for us during our stay there.  Forest helped to take care of our airplane as well as performing some interesting maneuvers in one of his planes.  

      Mike Sayre started his missionary pilot training 8/11/2003  Mike has been accepted by World Team Mission.  Mike will be going to West Paupa after he finishes his training with us.

 Don Morris is enrolled in an aircraft Maintenance Technicians class in Springfield.  Don told me that the City of Springfield has some hangars that they would donate to anyone who would remove them.   Because of Don's lead we were given some hangars.


Myron Martin finished his training program and is the founder of On Eagles Wings    aviation ministry located in Alaska.       http://www.oneagleswingsinc.org/ 

Hangar project started removing hangars three large nested T hangars 30 X 280 from the Springfield Il airport September the 8th of 2004 finished up Nov 5th. 2004 These hangars when re-erected will afford aircraft storage, dorm rooms, class rooms, and other much needed growing room for our work here.   We need several thousand dollars in order to get the materials to re-erect the hangars.  We have been blessed with a number of offers for people to come work for us on this project.   Charlie and Lea Thompson (SOS workers from Colorado) came to help us tear down the hangars.  Charlie and Lea were scheduled to come to Ironton but changed their destination to Springfield to help tear down the hangars.  Wings for Christ from Waco, TX brought three men who spent several days helping us to tear down the hangars.  People came from AR, KY, TN, IN, IL, CO, AZ, CA, OH, and perhaps other places.  Several people helped by bringing large trucks to help haul the hangar parts.   

Bruce McCurdy:  Bruce was born in Papua New Guinea in the fifties; his parents were missionaries for New Tribes Mission then. Bruce served as a missionary pilot there for 17 years.  Bruce's mother gave us the property that we are now using for our mission base.  Bruce has served in several countries since then and has been asked to go to the Philippines to serve where Martin Burnham was working.  Bruce Died 1-17-2005 in a car crash in Michigan he was on a ministry trip.     Bruce's memorial service was held Feb.  22-2005           

    There are many vacant spots in the field where properly trained pilots are desperately needed.

One of our supporters from Louisville has overhauled an airplane engine for one of our small trainers PTL.  Because of his lead we have scheduled a time to speak to the Missions Team at the Okolona Christian Church in Louisville PTL.

            We are tentatively scheduled to train at least three missionary pilots this year and have had a number of requests for information about pilot and mechanic training.

            We are praying for more opportunities to share the ministry of Christian Wings for the World with others that might be interested in becoming partners with us in the work of providing air support for God's missionaries in getting the Gospel to the uttermost parts of His Kingdom.

 At this time we are getting ready for the flight season to get started which usually gets under way by May.  I am working to get some more speaking engagements set up in order to share our mission with others and hopefully gain more, much needed financial partners.  All our staff is working for approximately minimum wages with no health or life insurance.   Our mission statement calls for us to place mission planes and pilots in the field as soon as possible.  We have had requests for at least two planes to be placed in the field by one of the translator missions in the Christian Church brotherhood.  They need one in Papua New Guinea and one in Senegal, Africa.  Other missions have asked us to consider providing air support for them when we could in various countries.   The only way we can provide any of the services mentioned is with God's blessings.

We got word a few days ago that Marco Koffeman, one of our alumni is helping with the Tsunami relief in Indonesia.  Marco has served for several years with Mission Aviation Fellowship in Uganda, Africa.

Southeast Outlook ran a story on our mission Thursday March 3rd. 2005 the writer is Ruth Schenk.

During March of 2005 I receive an email that a mission in Alaska (KAKO Retreat at Russian Mission, Alaska), needed a pilot for a couple of months and I volunteered to go to help them during this period of time.  While there I plan to look at the areas where a plane could help others to have a missionary to share God's word with them.  Sara and I are planning to go to Alaska during June and July of 05.

April 3rd I received an email from Myron Martin, (Myron was one of our students, the email stated that Myron had been blessed with the money to buy a small airplane with.  Myron is now living at Port Alsworth, Alaska.  Port Alsworth is approximately 180 miles Southwest of Anchorage, Myron stated that there are no roads.  I ordered an aeronautical chart of that Area and there are no roads.  Myron arrived home April 23rd. PTL. Most of Alaska has no roads.  It has been said that Alaska begins where the road ends. 

Below you will see an endorsement from Myron Martin. 

My name is Myron Martin and I'd like to share a little with those who are considering training through Christian Wings for the World.  It was on Father's Day in 2002 that the Lord made it clear to me and my family that we were to attend training through CWW.  The Lord used it as a time of growth that we never really anticipated.  We were blessed by not only excellent training but also by testimonies of God's amazing work through CWW and Mission Aviation in general.  The knowledge we gained through these testimonies along with the Lord's obvious presence in the training encouraged us a great deal.  We found Lionel and Greg to be great men of God.  It should not take you long to see that their lives are dedicated to your training for the Lord. 

They will teach you things that can be done in airplanes that you may have previously thought impossible.  Landing on short obstructed runways.  Turning and flaring for landing at the same time as you maneuver through a curved approach.  Landing on curved airstrips and much more.  Lionel was always a perfect gentleman, even at those times when things were getting very busy in the cockpit.  As a missionary in Alaska I have found the training to be priceless.  There are many nonstandard airports obstructed by hills.  Winds can be quite strong with gusts that intimidate all but the most experienced pilots.  But after Lionel is done with you and releases you for service you should be able to tackle then with ease and also find them to be quite fun. 

The most important thing about the training though comes from the anointing that God has given it.  If the Lord calls you to attend training through CWW you can be sure that that anointing will fall on you if you stay close to the Lord Jesus Christ and allow Him to have His way with you.  There is really no way to explain it.  You have to experience it to really know what I'm talking about.  So as you fly for the Lord always remember Psalms 36:5,  "Your Love, O LORD, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies."  

            James VonAllmen from Clever, Mo. arrived here April 17th bringing with him a machine with a loader and a backhoe along with a lot of tools necessary for him to put the foundation in for our first new/old hangar.  As you saw above we received three hangars from Springfield, IL airport authority.  We are now well under way to get the first of these hangars back up.  A number of other people came to make this project a reality PTL.  James is planning on taking the forms off the concrete during the next few days. 

June 25th Sara and I left for Western Alaska on a mission trip.  Kako Retreat center needed a pilot and a plane to help transport Eskimo and Indian kids in for youth camp, they offer camps for different groups during June and July each year.  I was told that Alaska has four seasons “June, July, August, and Winter” Sara worked with the cooking and kitchen crew most of the time.  Lionel flew the Cessna 180 to bring in campers, volunteer workers, food, mail, and a lot of other items necessary to keep camp going.  The planes had to take the campers home on Friday.  The Weather and flying conditions along with the sometimes not very improved airstrips,  were somewhat challenging.  The passes in the mountains were sometimes very steep, crooked, narrow and foggy.  Overall it was a great trip as God gave us good enough conditions that we made it through and let us get home in time to be at Mtn. View,  Mo to be missionaries for the week there and at West Eminence, Mo. We actually arrived there July 28th and went on home the 30th.  

The forms have been removed for several days.  We are now getting ready to get started putting the steel up.  Hopefully we will see some of the steel up before the end of May 2005.

July 20th – 24th  Craig Collver and five others from his church in IL came to put up steel.  The temp was high and the heat index was 100 plus making it difficult to work but a lot of steel was put up anyway PTL. 

A couple (Richard and Betty Gray) from SOS (servants of our Savior) came and helped put up a lot more of our steel during a two week period during the summer of 05.  

Oct 22-05 A group of 15 men from a church at Cape Giradeau, Mo. Came for a work day this crew pretty well finished putting up the main frame of the hangar. 

Nov. 17th – 20th 2005 We went to Atlanta for the North American Christian Convention.  This was one of the best conventions we have been to yet in regard to the number of people that came by our exhibit that seemed interested in our ministry.  We had a drawing for three hours of flight instruction.  Nick Dennis from IL won the drawing.  Nick is a student at Ozark Christian College.  

Nov. 21st – 26th were in Va. Beach  we spent several days with Skyler and family. 

Nov 27th spoke at Tammy Krolow’s church in OH 

Nov. 28th Spoke at church  Cornerstone Christian Church in Alliance OH.  We were missionaries for the week at this church July 19th – 24th 2003. 

Nov. 29th 2005  Russiaville IN 


Feb 25th 2006 we hosted Shenandoah boys ranch to pizza at CI CIs 

Networks Youth Ministries brought 13 youth and three adults to help paint and improve the inside of our hangar.  They were with us March 11th 15th   2006

During March, 2006  around the 17th – 24th Dr. Self and his son Levi came for some instruction,  Dr. Self needed to get his tri-pacer annualed   and also get some instrument instruction our simulator.  Levi needed some flight instruction, I gave Dr. Self around 15 hours of sim time.  I gave Levi some cross country instruction and some other instruction to get him soloed in the Cessna 150 and also in the Tri-Pacer.  Levi soloed both airplanes and I signed him off for the XC flight back to Ft. Scott. KS.  Levi made his trip home without incident.  Levi built an airplane when he was 15 years old and then taught himself to fly it.  

March 24th – 27th Nick Dennis was with us, Nick won our drawing for free flight time.  Nick won the drawing at the NMC in Atlanta, GA last Nov.  Nick is a student at OCC. 

We have decided to have our ten year celebration June the 10th the theme will be a Luau. 

Since early in 2001 we have encountered many problems such as 1000 percent increase in insurance 300 percent increase in aircraft fuel, 200 percent increase in aircraft parts, decreases in support and student calls that we are walking in the valley of indecision.  We have taken our school catalog off the internet all except the top it off program.  Thank God for all His provisions thus far.  We have four airplanes that are paid for PTL we don’t have to insure them.  We are prayerfully looking to see what God wants us to do in the future, with all that He has given us.  

March 31st and April 1st Sara, Josh, and I had an exhibit at the MO Christian Convention at Lodge of the four seasons.  A couple of old friends that we hadn’t seen since 1973 came by our booth.   Ted and Janet Mountjoy.  I taught both of them to fly in the early seventies.  Ted gave me a job driving a concrete truck the winter of 71 – 72 which was very necessary for us to survive that winter.  Ted is Discipleship minister for the Forum Boulevard Christian Church in Columbia, Mo.  

April 7th Sara and I are on our way to Little Rock, AR for the AR Christian convention The AR convention was another good one, we met several people that seemed interested in our ministry and heard several very good speaker that had great messages. 

April  We have been talking to Paul Coffman who is the replacement for Tom Blackeagle.  Tom used to be the director for American Indian Evangelism Association in Toppenish WA.  CWW offered to bring a plane and provide transportation for Paul to make the rounds to several of the Indian reservations in different states in the North West.  We plan to do a study to see if it would be practical to have an airplane and pilot full time to support the work there. 

April/May?  I went in for an eye exam and the Dr. discovered that I had an oval pupil in my left eye, with further examination he found a tumor and sent me to a specialist, Dr. Fitz in Farmington who sent me to another specialist at the Barnes Retina Center.  Dr. J. W. Harbour determined that I have a tumor that might be Malignant and scheduled me for a biopsy on the 19th.   We were scheduled to attend the IAMA conference in Coshocton OH during May 10th – 12th because of the eye problem we canceled going to the IAMA conference I sent a mission report to Keith Dodson for him to read it to the group. 

With the problem with my eye we have decided to postpone our Luau until a later time. 

May 12, 2006.  Our son Robert and his family will be moving from Scott air force base in Belleville IL to an air force base in Shreveport, LA.  We have gone to spend this weekend with them. 

While  Sara and I were with Rob and family at the Union Station in St. Louis I got a call from Richard Gray of SOS, Richard said that he and Betty could come work for us May 20 and stay for two weeks, June 3rd PTL for God sending his people when we need help.  Mike Horton and Harriss? From Hillsboro Christian Church also came and helped us several days during the last two weeks of May.  Today is Sat. June 3rd Richard Gray has been helping us with several different projects for the last two weeks, Richard and Betty will be going to church with me tomorrow, then they will be leaving for TN. Monday.  

My biopsy on my eye read nothing found and my Dr. seems sure that I have cancer.  With all my prayer warriors praying for no cancer and no further treatment necessary along with the biopsy report I believe that all is well with my eye PTL. 

I am hoping to get to meet with some of the leadership staff of St. Louis Christian College later this month to discuss the possibilities of working with them as a partner school, a satellite campus or possibly some other category.

June 24, 2006 Today we went to Carl Hanks memorial service at Linn Creek Baptist Church on A road.

            June 25th July 1st North American Christian Convention   Sara Kayla and Kamen went o Louisville to represent CWW at the convention.

             July 21st  until July 30th Went to Oshkosh for a week at the EAA fly in convention.   I had a good week at Oshkosh and made a lot of new contacts.  I got a chance to lead a Small group Saturday night and to preach at a Baptist church Sunday morning and came home after that.

            July 30th  come home from Oshkosh, Wi

            Aug  I have worked several long days on the property this month.  I have been leveling fields, removing trees and taking dirt out of the pond to use to level the field next to the pond and to fill around the hangar that we are building.

            Aug     Still hoping to get to meet with the people at St. Louis Christian College and still hoping to get enough good news about my medical problems that I can get back to a normal way of life.

            Sept  Still working long days on the property.  Rented a track loader from Family Center for $ 1317.00 plus $70 for hauling it.   I also had to hi are a dump truck to haul a lot of dirt around the hangar.

            Sept.. 14th Steven Saint and Benjamin Schmidt stopped by and spent the night with us and left Friday 15th.  Steve is interested in working with us to get his Native pilots trained.   Steve was flying an RV 10 that his natives had built for him.  

            Sara has been working long days and nights to get things ready for our Luau.      

            Sept. 30th  Our Luau/ 10 year celebration was a great success  

            Oct. 14th   8 men from Christ’s Church of the Heartland came and worked on our hangar project         

        Oct 24 Still having problems with my left eye so I went to another Dr. in St. Louis.  Dr told me that I do have a tumor in my eye and reccomended that I go see the first Dr. to have it taken care of.  Please pray for a good outcome on this problem.

            Oct. 27th  Steven and Ginny Saint came by for a visit and to talk about ways that our missions may be able to work together. .     

            Oct. 29th  Bill Archer came by for a visit and to offer encouragement and support for the mission that God has called us to here at Dove airstrip.  PTL for answering our prayers.   

2007 May God bless you with a happy and blessed new year. 

    Jan. 25th Monte Michael pilot and one of the directors of  Wings for Christ ministry   http://www.wings-for-christ.org/  came by for a visit.  Monte and two other men from this ministry came for two weeks to help us teardown the hangars at Springfield, Ill.

    Feb. 1st Went to see Dr. Harbout in St. Louis for a check up on my eye.  Dr. said it looked like it was as it should be at this point. 

    Feb .10th  A man from Tx. came to pick up some large airplane systems training simulators.

    Mar. 1st. Went to see Dr. Harbour because of pain in my left eye. 

    Mar. 2nd Went to Dr. Fitz for a previously scheduled check up.

    Mar. 8-10th  One of my students sponsored a trip to Branson to one of Ken Copeland's meetings including a  healing school, we also got to go to see the Pierce Arrow music show.

    Mar. 12th  Eye was hurting so I went to Dr. Fitz eye pressure was 50, way too high.

    Mar. 14th back to Dr. Fitz pressure down to 26. still too high but much better. 

    Mar. 29 Went to Dr. Lype, (Optometrist) for eye pressure check 32 this time.

    Mar. 21st  Back to St. Louis to see Dr. Harbour,  Dr. said tumor is dead or dying and breaking up in large chunks instead of gradually dissolving, this is why the pressure is bad.  Dr. Harbour expiained that the remains of the tumor is wedged between my lens, causing the cataract problem and the cornea causing it to be damaged.  Dr. told me that to save the eye I neede to get the cataract removed ASAP at least within the next two to three weeks.  As things go Dr. Fitz was recommended to  remove the cataract and he is out of town until next Thursday and his normal surgery day is Tues. I plan to call Dr. Harbours office tomorrow to see if he wants me to get another Dr. to do the cataract surgery.

    Mar. 23rd I am planning on going to see Dr. Lype this morning to get a pressure check. 

    Mar. 23-25 I am scheduled to do an annual for one of my customers airplanes.

  We had a great week with our first Christian youth camp with an aviation emphasis PTL.  

The age group we had at this camp  was Junior High and High School.  the activities were the usual devotions, Bible studies, vespers, campfires, fun things such as games trips to St. Louis Christian College the Arch, Elephant Rocks park, swimming etc. including some ground school classes and an introductory flight lesson.  We are planning to offer a camp next year for the same age group and a second camp for the age group starting with the seniors that graduate next year and up to 22 that might be interested in missions or mission aviation.  For more information Call 573-734-2649 for details.

July 14th CMA  Christian Motorcyclist Association came for a work day and bar b que

July 22nd- 30  EAA fly in at Oshkosh, WI  Thanks to MASA providing free housing, food and a place for our display we were able to attend.  This was another great opportunity to meet and fellowship with others in the Missionary aviation community. PTL

Aug   Don Morris has arrived. Don is a flight instructor and aircraft mechanic.  Don has come to work with us at CWW and do whatever needs to be done.  Don is planning on being here full time. 

Aug. 16th  Passed my medical flight check. PTL  I now have my medical re-instated on the basis of demonstrated ability, SODA.

Sept 17th  Glenn and Dorothy Wied  Missionaries working in Mexico are coming to work on getting an airplane together to use in Mexico.  Glenn and Dorothy will be with us for several weeks.

Oct 18th - 20th  Richard Castle from Callao, Mo. and several others came for three days of work on our hangar project. 

Oct 26th  Br. Daniel  I will put his real name in later.  Br. Daniel is a German who is a missionary to the Congo in Africa he will be with for a week of training and evaluation.

Oct 27th  Lionel and Sara Smith sponsored a Church hayride for the young and the young at heart from several different Churches in the area.

Oct 28th- Nov 2nd  Jerry Hurd an MK who grew up in Paupa New Guinea.  Jerry's parents were translators for Wycliffe.  Jerry is now in training to prepare him to be a missionary pilot with AIM-AIR in Nairobi.  Jerry came here to get his tail wheel training and endorsement. While Jerry was here we also did some advanced airmanship training as well.

Nov 3rd  Bob and Melcy Meyer from St. Louis came for a work day. 

Nov 15th-18th  Sara and I went to the NMC (National Missionary Convention) in Cincinnati, OH

Sara and I have quite a bit of traveling to do for various reasons   Don will be minding the shop for us and we can be reached by calling our mobile phones.  Lionel 573-315-9626  Sara  573-315-9636

February 7th 
Bob and Melcy Meyer Melcy is from Panama.  they came here from St. Louis they came for a work day. 

March 10th   Christian Bodenshatz took his first flight lesson   Christian believes he has a call to become a misionary Pilot.

March 25th  Nathan Cain and his family arrived here and started moving in for long term training to become a missinary pilot.  Nathan is from Woodbury, Tn

March 29th and 30th Randy Chesnut director of High Hill Christian service camp came for a visit.

April 14th  Flew Andra Roberts on mercy flight to Joliet, Il for medical treatment.

May 8th-10th Alpha Aviation from Springdale, Ar brought a five man crew to work for three days on our hangar project.

April 18-19  Mike and Tippy Littlefield came for a visit and some flight time.   Mike and Tippy are planning on being here by mid Sept. this year for long term training to become a missionary pilot.

May 12th Started Phillip Willis in flight training, Phillip wants to become a missionary pilot.

May 15th - 29th Bob and Joyce Froelich were here to help with different work projects.  The Froelichs have been here several times in the past for several weeks.

Updated Nov. 23rd 2008

May 17th  Rodney Mullinax and two other men from the Christian Church in Texico, Il came for a work day and worked on our hangar project. 

May 22-24th Dr. Self brought his airplane here for Annual inspection.

May 24th   Work group from Christ's Church of the Heartland at Cape, Girardeau, Mo came for a work day 

June 2-6th  Junior Aviation youth camp we have eight campers and eight staff here this week,  It has been a great week and all but one of the campers were able to get their flight time in this week in spite of 20 to 30 knot winds. 

June 8th   Ordination service to ordain Lionel Smith to a preaching ministry

June 9th-13th  We had two work groups here to work on our hangars and other projects

June 13th  Harry Judd a long time friend and co-worker with CWW, went home to be with our Lord

June 15-20th  Howard Bullard and his son Jordan arrived for senior camp week, even though we had cancelled the camp we made an exception for Jordan as he believes he has a call to mission aviation. We worked with Jordan 16th through the 20th.

June 21st   We poured the ramp and a pad in one of our hangars to make it useable.  One group came from the St. Robert  Church of God the other group came from the Rolla Church of God.  A lot of work got done including painting on the hangar project.  PTL

June 30th Nathan Cain, one of our missionary pilot students passed his practical test and became a private pilot.  PTL

July was a busy month as we were playing catch up on many projects and trying to rest up a bit at the same time.

July 28th- Aug 2nd  Pastor Jeff Combs and Don Morris went to EAA fly in at Oshkosh, WI to represent CWW

July 30th-Aug 3rd  Lionel went to the World Christian Convention in Nashville, TN

Aug 12th  Jack Swiebold and one of his grandson's from the Indianapolis area came for a visit

During Aug.  Missionary pilot students Phillip Willis, Geoffrey Combs, and Nathan Cain all got some flight time this month as well as several others.

Sept. was another busy month with student flying and working on projects around the hangar and property

Glenn Wied came in Sept. for a few weeks to work on the mission plane for use in his ministry in Mexico.

Sept. 27th  Rodney Mullenax from the Texico Christian Church came for his tail wheel endorsement.

Oct.27th The Cessna 175 project plane for Steadfast Ministries in Mexico made it's firs flight in 14 years PTL

Oct. 29th  Ken Naegele  a long time friend and co-worker from Indiana, came and got his BFR and helped us to get a plane ready to fly to Haiti.

Oct 30th Nov 8th  Ken Naegele and Lionel Smith flew a Cessna 180 to Cap-Haitien, Haiti with a load of food for Haitians and tools to service equipment with while we were there. It was a great trip.PTL

Nov 19th-23rd  Sara Smith along with her friend Sharon Ayers went to the National Missionary Convention in Tulsa, OK.


JAN 13-2009  Glen Wied and Sean Gathright took off in the mission plane that we have been working on for some time.  They flew to Waco TX today. Glenn is going to finish preparing the plane for work in Mexico while he is in Texas.

June 6-12  Bullard Work Crew here.   Howard Bullard his family Jennifer and Jordan along with several from his church at Rushville, Indiana, Ben Davis Christian Church, came and did a lot of work on our hangar project, while they were here they roofed four more bays on the T hangar project.  PTL 

June 16-22 Dan Martin: Dan came from his home in Kansas to work for us here and did a lot of very necessary work from servicing mowers to using them to working on drainage around the property to running a field mower on the property.

June 19-21 Chad Babbert and his brother Todd     came and made some videos that were then made into a promotional video for CWW. 

July 13 Mercy flight:  We flew Sarah Majors  and her husband who lives at Annapolis, Mo.  to Rochester, MN to Mayo Clinic  Sarah is a cancer patient. 

July 26th - Aug 2 EAA at Oshkosh, WI

Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov.     Geoffrey Combs, Phillips, Nathan Cain  have been flying when they can 


Feb 6th, 2010  Urban family arrived.   Bill and Jodena Urban and family, Rachel, Clara, Ethan and Luke.  They are considering being a part of CWW.  Ethan and Luke would like to become missionary pilots.  Bill is considering helping with other tasks around the property etc.

Geoffrey Combs got his private pilot certificate

Feb 8th,  Today we have a meeting scheduled with Betty and Dan Chapman and the Urbans.

Mar 6th  We went to Second Baptist church in Rolla to do a concert for them.  This is my cousin’s church, Kenny and Viki Campbell it was a very good time.  The church took up a love offering.  And CWW received a personal donation .  PTL

Mar. 27th  We did a concert at Arcadia Valley Jamboree  

Nathan Cain got his Commercial certification  

March 28th Our long time friend Houston Rains went home to be with our Lord at around 8:30 pm

May 28th Ethan Urban made his first solo flight at Bismarck city airport.

June 1st Ethan Urban made his first solo flight from Dove airstrip. 

Aug. 25-2010  The Urban family moved out tonight after giving us a very short notice.  We had thought and hoped that they would be long term helpers and workers with CWW and that we could train their son Ethan to be a missionary pilot. 

Sept. 1st   Nathan Cain is traveling to Canada to visit friends and family there.  

Feb 18th 2011  David and Dan Harvey from Cabool and Vanzant, MO came for a visit and to work.  Jerry Hurd and family came for overnight as they were traveling from IN to Wichita, KS.  Jerry is a missionary pilot who is working with AIM in Africa.

Feb 20th   Tim Holtzman and family came by for a visit, Tim is one of my students and one of our CWW advisors.  

Mar 22nd 2011:  Geoffrey Combs and two of his friends from SLCC came for a work week today A. J. worked with Ken Naegele and I on putting up steel and getting ready to put up the wall skin on the T hangars.  Geoffrey and Isaac are working on cleaning out the bird nests and general cleaning of the main hangar as well as washing some airplanes for us.  The guys washed three airplanes today.  Ken and AJ put several pieces of steel on the T hangars today.  We had a great evening meal and fellowship time this evening.

April  14th – 25th  Sara and I went to visit Rob and Lela in England

25th A few hours after we got home we went to the nursing home to see dad, he wasn’t doing at all well and passed on at 9:55 this evening.  

May 9th:  Jeff and Geoffrey combs came for some work days.  They repaired the water damage to the 12X60 trailer and fixed the storm door and gutter on the 12X30 trailer and did other chores.  Geoffrey oiled the cables on both cranes.  

May 10th:  Geoffrey washed 53G today.  

May 11th 2011:

Sara and I took Jeff and Geoffrey to  Sonic in the Charger and got our evening meal there, it was a fun time our car hop was also a Christian I think her name was Dieradena ??  

29th  preached at CCC  


7-28th Kayla in England   , 12-18th Jonathan graduation in VA,

24-24th Nathan Cain here for his recurrency on instrument flight.  


10th Ken Naegele here,  24th-30th Tony Abernathay and work crew here,


1-3 Huzzah valley camp with family. 100 degrees plus every day

15th Geoffrey here full time.


12-26 Jonny here.   27-30th Ken Naegele here,  30th Women’s retreat


1st Women’s retreat,

6-8 men’s roundup at North Vernon IN with Dan Corbin

24-31 Froehlichs here


16-22 NMC in Ga   Ken, Sara and Betty went


31st Dan Betty Sara and I went out for supper.  

Jan 2012  

13th Jonathan’s graduation at San Antonio, TX  Lackland AFB

17th Sara and I celebrated our 50 at Red Lobster in McAllen, TX  


13-14th Michael and Mary Ross here


6th Phillip Willis here to get recurrent.

12-22nd Jeff Badgero, missionary to Haiti was here for flight training.

19-24th Isaac Engle, wife and Aj want to come to work  Greg will work one Sat.

30-31st MO Christian Convention.



May 2012



1st  Russell Stendal missionary pilot to Columbia and a friend (Randy) who works for Cessna came by for a visit and tentative scheduled three young pilots to come by for some tail wheel training.  

17th 21st we had a great Bible camp where all the campers got a flight lesson, devotion times and Bible study each day as well as work times and fun times.

17th -23rd Ken Naegele and his nephew came for a work week  


2nd – 14th Charley Thompson was here and installed several RV spots and did other work projects for us.  


Fundraiser meeting in hangar for Tina Nipper a missionary friend who is serving in a foreign country.  The outside temp was up to 107 during the day and not much cooler by 17:30 when the people started coming in.  We had a small 25-30 people gathering but otherwise great.  We had Greg Gale, Sara Smith, Bruce Nipper, Jimmy Gilliam the ladies group that sings at nursing homes and others.  Tina said it was a good fundraiser.

20th Greg came and picked up his sound equipment tonight.  Danielle and her son was with them.  

11-13-2012 Russell Stendal and two of his son’s Russell and Dylon, came by today.  We had a nice visit, we talked about helping to train several pilots up to CFI to work in Columbia, SA.  Russell also mentioned the possibility of donating some airplanes to CWW.    

We are planning on going to the ICOM in Indy later this week. 

11-15 We, Sara, Betty Chapman and I went to Indianapolis for the ICOM (International Conference on missions)

It was a good convention we had a lot of visitors at our booth and met several pilots there.

11-18 we came home from the ICOM  

12-4-2012  Russell Stendal came to bring others for some flight training.

Russell Stendal, Russell Stendal Jr, Dylan Stendal, Ethan DeLong, and Christian McClellan came for us to work with them in training the young pilots to help them get ready for mission flying in South America. 

Dudley Thomas his wife Elaine and daughter Rebecca came to Farmington and we went in to get them they are going to stay with us for a few days.                                  I have flown with Russell Jr. in the 170 and Christian and Ethan in the 172

Russell thinks he is going to need a lot of pilots in Columbia to expand the work there and may need CWW to help with the training and support.

12-4  Russell Stendal and two of his son’s, Russell jr. and Dylan,  arrived in one plane and Ethan DeLong and Christian McConnell arrived in another plane.  I picked them up at the Farmington airport as it was dark here and no lights.

12-5 I flew with Russell Jr in the C-170.  Dudley Thomas, Elaine and Rebecca arrived in their Aztec.   Russell and I picked them up at the Farmington airport.

12-6  I flew with Russell in the 170 and Christian McConnell in the 172

12-7 Flew with Ethan DeLong in the 172

12-8 weather was low and we went to the Ft. Davidson museum and to Elephant Rocks park         

12-9  Russell, Dudley and Boyce Mouton spoke at our church today.

12/10/12  26 degrees outside this morning.  We went  to the hangar and I flew with Ethan in the 170, Rebecca was a passenger on this flight and Russell flew with Christian in the 172

12/11/12  Russell and Dudley drove to Farmington airport to take the Aztec to Longview, Tx to pickup an old friend (Albert Luepnitz) the temp is 15° this morning

12-12-12  I flew Russ, Ethan and Christian today

12-13  Russel and Marina went to Indiana today and Dudley Elaine and Rebecca  and Albert W. Luepnitz went to Oklahoma they will be taking Al on to Longview . I flew with Ethan, and Christian today.

12-14 I flew with Russell jr., Ethan and Christian in the 170 today.

12-15 We had low clouds and wind today. I flew with Ethan for some pattern work at MO81 We (Russell, Ethan, Christian, Dylon, Ken and I went to Baylee Joes for our evening meal, Christian paid for it.  Thanks Christian

12-16 Sunday  we are getting up and ready to go to church today.  There is a possibility that I may baptize Zeke Hayes today.  I plan to fly Russell Jr in the 180 today.  I did get to fly Russell and hour and a half in the 180

12-17  We got up this morning to a very foggy morning which eliminated the possibility of getting to fly with Christian and Russell Jr. 

Ken was working on the 12 X 60 trailer to get the drain, furnace and doors working as well as removing the bunk beds and moving in a double bed in their place. 

 Sara and the Stendalls (Russell, Marina, Russell Jr. and Dylan) loaded up the truck to go to St. Louis for the flight to Bogota Columbia, SA

Russell left his Cessna 185 stored in our hangar.   We are looking forward to working with Russell and his mission in the future.

Christian took us to the Branding Iron for our evening meal and paid for it, Thanks Christian

3-9-2013  Went to EAA 1218 .meeting at Willow Springs, MO  Russell Stendal Jr. Ethan DeLong, Christian McConnell, and Rebecca Thomas went with me.  It was an Irish potluck and business meeting.  I got to introduce the young folks that went with me.  It was a great meeting.  Six people picked up books and left a total of thirty dollars for the books.  Ron White gave me a book entitled Wings, Dreams, and Memories by Donald L. Nevels. 

3-6-2013 Christian McConnell, Eathan DeLong came Russell Stendal Jr. came the 8th they were here for flight training until the 26th.   

Dudley Thomas and his family were here for most of the above time and another family of seven from Oklahoma was here for three days and two nights.  

3-31-2013  around 18:00 Dudley called and said that he was in Farmington and that he felt like he was supposed to be working in the area, he didn't say doing what, or how long.  ??????  he also asked when Jr. was coming back.  why??  

3-21-2014 I left home to go to Sky Ranch for a men’s gathering, Boyce is speaking at 13:00 on Saturday and Russell Stendal Sr. is speaking twice on Sunday once at 08:30 and again at 11:00.

It is now 22:27 and I am checked in at Days INN in Joplin.

3-22-14   I got very little sleep last night and am running pretty slow today.  I called Boyce this morning he was eating breakfast at Sky Ranch.  Sara called to check in with me this morning.

I found my way to Sky Ranch this morning and got to hear three great messages and share in a group/huddle meeting with some of the men this morning.  We had a great lunch at the cafeteria.  Then at 13:00 Boyce Mouton brought a message for us  

3-23-14   Russell Stendal, Dylan Stendal, Ethan Urban, Randy DeLong, and Christian McConnell arrived this morning.   Russell delivered two messages today and as usual they were very informative and touching.  He talked about listening to the Holy Spirit for our direction and as some of our other speakers pointed out it is so human of us to not be willing to let the Spirit lead us.  He pointed out that a common error is to make plans to do mission work then try to drag the Spirit along with our plans, which never works.  We must first seek God’s guidance then do as He says then He will guide and provide in accordance to His desire and time.  I saved notes from Boyce and another speaker. 

4-14-14  Ken Naegele arrived pretty late tonight

4-15-14 Ken and I worked on door to hgr. I cleaned up the stall and put the Glastar back in this stall.  Ken the did a lot of clean up in our wing room and main hangar.

4-16-14 Ken and I moved one of Jason’s mowers to another stall then moved the White brand mower to the main hanger to service it. Ken had to remove the engine and drill out a broken mount bolt, he also took of the right front tire to replace it.  

 7-7-14 In the Kako retreat newsletter we noted that bro.  Dave Penz had passed on May 11. 2014.  Dave and Vera were the founders of Kako retreat center.  Sara and I went there during the summer of 2005.  

3-8-2015   6 men from SLCC arrived around 15:30 today they are Jaden McCarty (Borden, IN), David Crouch (Taylorville, IL) , Anthony Barbee, (Bible Grove, IL)  Robert Munoz  (Brazil, IN),  Nathan Hopkins (Litchfield, IL)   , Daniel Swezey  ,   We ate our evening meal at 18:00 then the guys went downstairs for some free time the at 19:30 Robert led our evening devotion.  the guys are doing things downstairs  Micah is with them.  

8-15-2015  Glenn Vetter and his youngest son Dennis came by for a visit today, they were here for about two hours.  Glenn gave Sara $100 and told her for us to go out for a really nice supper.  Glenn and his wife Sara are living part time near Sebring FL. and part time at Stanton, Il.  We talked about Billy Guthrie, Ted Klaas, Bill Foster and a lot of other folks I know, it was a great time for us all.  Glen how has a heart device defibrillator and pace maker.  Glenn and his first wife Betty were a big help to us to get things in order here at CWW.  I flew Betty to Kansas for medical help.   

11-8-15 Missionfest at Cape Girardeau  

3-6-16 SLCC workers Daniel , Robert, Jared, and Shane   got here today to work through Thursday.  

3-10-16 SLCC workers have accomplished a lot of the projects I had outlined for them, they all worked hard and didn't complain about anything.  They will be going back to school tomorrow.  

4-2-16  We had an auction sale and sold the building steel and some other CWW items the steel brought $10,250  

Date???  Russell Stendal Jr.., Ethan Urban, Luke Urban and another brought their 1960 C-182 and the C-185 down and tied them on our tie down line I don't know yet what they are planning to do with them.  

 May ??, 2016  We bought a new Cub Cadet weed whip on wheels, and a new County Line brand 6" finish mower to help maintain our grass mowing.  

May 23, 2016 Barney came and worked several hours helping to get our stand pipe back on our pond and to cut a lot of our weeds and put dirt in to level the holes in our island and the ramp to our bridge to the island.  

7-20-16 Jared Willey came by for a few hours visit he now lives at Morristown, Tn.  Jared is flying corporate for Team Technology a company which makes toothbrushes etc.  The company plane is a Pilatus he also flies a Cirrus etc.  

I got my medical re-newed  7-30-16 the last one I had was in 2012

7-30-2016 I got my flight review to make me a legal pilot again,  I hadn't flown anything in over two years, or had a medical  another PTL



11-17-2016 Vic and Linda Petersen came by for a visit today, I met Vic three years ago at Kiamichi Christian camp in Oklahoma.  Their address is PO Box 612, Shattuck, Oklahoma 73858   Vic 785-865-6146  Linda 785-215-5492  email mvp1955@gmail.com   

12-18-2016 Mike, Glenda and James Ennis came for a visit they were flying their Citabria and the 150   42U  

12-21-2016  Anthony and Lee Ann Bunch came for a visit Anthony is wanting to become a missionary pilot Sara explained to him that missions normally don't accept anyone over 39.  We had a great visit and prayer time as well as a quick tour of the property and office.

1-22-2017  Ryan and Percilla Hart came by for a visit  They had been to Springdale AR to call on a supporting church ?  they are going to be overnight then on to Alliance OH.   We went to Steak and Shake for supper last night CWW picked up the ticket, after that we stopped at DQ for our dessert.  After getting home we had a visit time and went to bed around midnight.

1-23-17  Up at 05:30  Sara is fixing breakfast the Harts want to leave at 08:00  

2-1-2016 I gave Barney Willis his first lesson in the C-170 N3487C  1.4 hrs

Please call to schedule flight instruction or to request a mercy flight or a speaking engagements.

NOTE: There is quite a lot of missing information that I am hoping to be able to find and add to this document.  ( Computer crashes etc.)  Check back later to see if I have an updated version of this document. 

Lionel Smith 

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