The following are parts of emails and other notes pertaining to our trip to and work in haiti

10-31-08  We, Lionel and Ken were believed to be lost for several hours, when we finally could get a message to Meg at Living Hope Mission she sent the following email to Sara

Dear Sara, 

No problem.  We'll have Lionel send an email when they arrive.  I expect them sometime in the middle of this afternoon. 

Meg Merzilus

11-03-08 Lionel sent the following information to Sara and had her forward it.  This is a summary of the trip to Haiti. 

Dear ones, 

A brief overview of out trip to Haiti.   We took of from Bismark Mo. at 08:00 Thursday morning Oct. 3oth we were loaded to near all the cargo weight and room we had.  The first landing was at Memphis at the Dewitt Spain airport where we took on a full load of fuel and two bags that the other plane that we are traveling with could not carry with full fuel at $3.31 a gal.  At this point our little plane is loaded to near maximum weight  3190  my notes show 3154 but I know that we have added some that is not in my notes.  Next stop was at Moultrie, GA  where we topped off the tanks at $4.XX a gal.  Next stop at Fort Pierce, FL We refueled here at $4.87 a gal and spent the night here.  Oct 31st We left Ft. Pierce at daylight on a flight plan to Exuma, Is. in the Bahmas.  So far the flight has been pretty uneventful, the flight from FL to Exuma is over the Bahamas bank which consits of a white sand bottom which makes the water a light turquise color and you can see the sea weeds on the bottom even from 11,500 feet.  We landed at Exuma and refueled for $6.80 a gallon minus a fifty cent missionary discount then we filed our next international flight plan to Provodenciales which is located in the Turks and Caicos islands which is under British rule.  So far we have left the U. S. and landed in the Bahamas now we are headed to another Country.  The other plane took of ahead of us and ended up being about eight miles ahead and barely made it in to Providenciales (Provo) the weather pushed us down to 600 ft and the visibility was very low the we hit some severe turbulence, all this is not a good condition with a light load but our plane is loaded to max and I opted to turn back in a few miles 3 or 4 the conditions improved a lot.  My radio was having a problem making it impossible for me to let the other plane or the tower know what happened to us.  I flew approx a hundred miles East of our course looking for a place where I could get on the other side of the front and continue to Provo but no opening then we back tracked to where we were then about fifty miles West of the origina course thinking maybe we could still get around the front and into Provo. or perhaps into Great Inaguna Is.  No such luck it sure is nice to be flying a small plane that carries a lot of fuel.  I finally decided we would go back to Exuma Is in the Bahamas where we could get fuel and my cell phone would work.  I programmed my GPS for Exuma and headed that way and in about ten minutes another weather system was in front of with no way around that I could see so I asked God what I was supposed to do now and a hole in a cloud opened up and a beam of light shone on a paved airport about three miles in front of us,  I felt like this was where God meant for  us to spend the night so we landed on what I thought was a completely unattended airport and perhaps an uninhabited village.  When we landed there were two men at the airport.  The one who was in charge asked what are you doing here, I told him landing because of the weather and asked if he had a phone that we could let air traffic control know to cancel our international flight plan.  Which he did then I asked if there were any over night accommodations and food available he smiled and said yes, I asked him where and he said right there is the restaurant and right there is the motel, all within about a three minute walk.  He took us to the restaurant and had the people there open up for us and had a young lady open the motel and get our room ready for us.  Later a man came while we were eating and I asked if there was some way I could call the U. S. he smiled got out his cell phone and asked for the number, he dialed my office number and Sara answered PTL.  We had a good night rest got up early Nov 1st and dialed Nassau Radio to file our international flight plan to Provo went to the plane, checked the fuel to find  that we still had three hours of fuel on board PTL, plenty of oil.  We took of in good weather and went to Provo where we fueled up for $6.85 a gallon $125 customs fees and other fees, because it was a holiday.  Now we filed another international flight plan to Cap-Haitien Haiti.  We arrived at Cap-Haitien in a little over an hour with another beautiful flight over part of the Carribien.  So far we have visited three different countries after leaving the U. S. A.

Lionel sent the following to Sara.   We need to send thank you cards to   Stanford Hanna   the man who called home for me,  to Mabel Hanna, (Stanford's cousin)  Shirley Mae Hanna  (Mabel's daughter)  all who made our stay much better than it would have otherwise been and the police chief (I am not sure of this title)   McDonald (I don't know his last name)  McDonald was very helpful in arranging the accommodations we needed.

the address for each of the above is Spring Point, Acklin Is,  Bahamas      The village is so small that apparently they don't have box numbers.

Some times He calms the storm

Some times he calms me 

"The rain washes away the wind"   Mabel Hanna      

11-05-08 The day started pretty normal but after breakfast Ken and I went with one of the mission trucks with lumber tools and workers out in the country to the Church where we attended Sunday morning.  We helped to get the pastors house ready for the rafters to be put on then made a rafter that would fit and showed their workers how to make rafters.  Tomorrow Ken and I will be working on the radiator on one of the generators that is leaking.  The generators are very important as without them there is no electricity here.

We went to the airport to service the planes which included taking ten gallons of fuel from the 180 to put in the Cherokee and to see what time we could leave Fri. morning.  We hope to be in the air by 08:00 which should get us to Fl before 16:00

11-11-08  The following email was from Wilbert Merzillus after we got home.

Dear Lionel

Thank you for the info that you have made it okay.

I was please to  get to know you and your love for the Lord. thank again for all your support to God,s work here in Haiti. I am looking forward to your next trip here back this way.

Again, thank you.


Here my address:Wilbert &Meg Merzilus

                           Unit 1015-LHM, 3170 Airmans Dr.

                           Ft.Pierce, FL 34946


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