Christian Wings for the World along with John and Rosetta Bailes and Dr. Maxwell Self  made a trip to Haiti in Oct. of 2008

  In the following pictures you will see Lionel and Sara Smith, Ken Naegele (pilot), pictures over a stormy Atlantic, (Bahamian girl who waited on us at Acklins, Iland, BA. Shirley May) North shore of Haiti showing the city of Cap Haitien, Wilbert and Meg Merzillus (directors of Living Hope Mission) Dr. Max Self, John and Rosetta Bailes, the dried mild and peanut butter that we took with us in the small plane, Cabins/homes in Hatian village, people who got food because of the support we got to be able to make this trip.  Several hundred pounds of rice and beans were purchased in Haiti with the money some of you provided for this very important cause.


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