Directions to Dove Field

Aerial view looking west over Dove field.

Tower Hazard!

Another new tower is being constructed southwest of Dove -- specific details to be posted soon.

A radio tower has been constructed one mile East of Dove Airstrip 1723 MSL Dove airstrip. Elevation is 1080 (643' above airstrip) If you are flying a long final to runway 27 or flying a straight out departure from runway 09 the tower will pass approx. 100 yards to the South side of your line of flight one mile East of Dove airstrip (MO81). The tower is not yet on the aeronautical charts. This tower is very difficult to see. Flight service will not NOTAM (Notice To Airman) this tower on a briefing to Dove because we are a privately owned airstrip.

Ground Directions From St. Louis, MO

Take I-55 south to Festus. Exit and take US 67 south to Farmington. Exit US 67 at Rt 221. Turn right and take 221 west to Rt 221urns South (west of Doe Run). Turn left and take 221 south 2.7 miles to King School Road. Turn right and take King School road west about 3.5 miles to Dillard road. Turn left and take Dillard road south to the hanger (about a quarter mile). CWW is on the left.  If you need directions from elsewher please call 573-734-2649  our address is 736 Dillard Rd, Ironton, MO 63650 can help. 

Air Directions to Dove Field

If you and your aircraft are current and capable for short/very obstructed field operations you can find us at MO81 Latitude 37-40 North Longitude 090-37 West. If there is any doubt about field conditions or any other factors concerning safety in and out of here give us a call at 573-734-2649 and someone will be glad to pick you up at Bismark H57 or Farmington FAM


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