History of CWW

Christian Wings for the World was born in the heart of Lionel Smith. In April of 1979, God delivered Lionel from a serious plane crash that threatened to end his flying career forever, he made a commitment to the Lord to fly for Him.

Through prayer and the sharing of a dream, Christian Wings for the World has become a reality. CWW was incorporated in June of 1996 in Mountain View, MO. CWW has 503-C tax-exempt status with the IRS.

Training began in the summer of 1996 at Mountain View. Geerten Vreugendenhil of the Netherlands became the first student.

In January of 1999, C.W.W. received a title deed in the mail to Dove Field, an airstrip with hangar and 47 acres of land. The field had been built by Don & Gwen McCurdy in the late '70's specifically for training missionary pilots. Gwen had married Dick Slater after Don's death. They donated Dove Field to be used as a training base for pilots and mechanics. During 1999, the ministry moved to Dove Field near Ironton, MO.

CWW's board of directors: President: Lionel Smith, Vice-president: Sara Smith,  Secretary/Treasurer: Betty Chapman, Advisor: Kayla Smith  Top


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