Mission of CWW

Christian Wings for the World is a non-denominational, non-profit organization chartered in the state of Missouri in July of 1996 and is currently located near Ironton, Missouri on a private airstrip (Dove airstrip MO-81). Our mission is to function as a Christian not-for profit organization dedicated to providing aircraft transportation, aircraft pilot training, aircraft support, aircraft maintenance and repair training, mercy flights, humanitarian services, and an aviation resource center for Christian missionaries worldwide. Top
Load taken to Haiti

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Purpose of CWW

The purpose of Christian Wings for the World is to supplement and amplify the effectiveness of the church by providing air transportation services, equipment and specialty training for pilots and mechanics, to prepare them to operate in third world country conditions. (Photo: CWW ferried supplies to Haiti) Top

Beliefs of CWW

  • Christ is the only answer for a lost and dying world.
  • The church is Godís instrument for evangelism of the world.
  • Christian missionaries are a part of the church.
  • God can and will use all the resources of the church for evangelism.
  • Aviation is a church resource that Christian missionaries need and want.
  • A dedicated Christian aviation network is needed to compliment evangelism in the world. Top

Goals of CWW

  1. Placing actual CWW aircraft on the foreign field to be used for missionary transportation and support. Our goal is to place at least one aircraft on the field in 2007.
  2. Providing advanced bush pilot training.
  3. Providing repair capabilities of all CWW aircraft.
  4. Providing communication equipment and repair for all air traffic needs.
  5. Preparing trained, resourceful pilots to survive a bush environment with both flying skills and aircraft maintenance capabilities.
  6. Developing and maintaining an aviation mission resources center using the latest computer and communication technology. 
  7. Preparing preacher pilots for operations in some of the mission fields around the world.
  8. Refurbishing aircraft for field service and building airplanes for some field applications. Top


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