Christian Wings for the World, Inc.
Projected Operating Budget for 2007

Payroll for the staff:
       Flight Instructors
       Airframe and Power Plant Mechanics
       Aircraft Inspectors
       Office Staff
       Medical Insurance
Total: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $115,200.00

Insurance for Aircraft:
       Cessna 150
       Cessna 170
       Cessna 180
       Cessna 310
Total cost for Liability Insurance: ------------------------------------------------------- $9,000.00
Total cost for additional Hull Coverage Insurance: ------------------------------------- $23,000.00
Because of our limited support, we have been unable to purchase Hull Coverage for our aircraft in the past.
We have started a private Hull Coverage Fund with help from some of our supporters to off-set the cost of replacing an aircraft if there should be an accident and the plane was destroyed. If the Cessna 180 were to be damaged we would need to replace it IMMEDIATELY. We need your tax-deductible donations to help us increase this fund because it is seriously short of our need. We need at least $75,000.00 in our private Hull Coverage Fund this year.

Premises Liability: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- $1,500.00

Property Damage and Theft: ----------------------------------------------------------- $1,000.00

Fuel System: ------------------------------------------------------------ -------------- $2,500.00

Fuel and Oil for Aircraft: -------------------------------------------------------------- $5,000.00

Full Size Van: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ $31,500.00

Operating Capital:
       Phone --------------------------------------------------- ------------------------ $2,500.00
       Electric --------------------------------------------------------------------------- $2,500.00
       Propane -------------------------------------------------------------------------- $1,500.00
       Trash ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $540.00
       Office Supplies ------------------------------------------------------------------- $4,000.00

TOTAL: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- $173,540.00

If you, someone you know, a church or other organization would like to help in any amount or level or for that matter would perhaps consider taking on one or more of these needs as a project, I would be glad to get more details when necessary to help.

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