Christian Wings for the World, Inc.
Projected Growth Budget for 2008 and Beyond


Van for CWW transportation needs-------------------------------------------------$31,500.00

Tractor and other grounds maintenance equipment-------------------------------------$25,000.00

Resurface asphalt runway------------------------------------------------------------$50,000.00
Avionics upgrades for the aircraft: --------------------------------------------------- $60,000.00

Aircraft Parts:
Spare 0-200 Continental Engine ---------------------------------------------------- received PTL
Spare 0-300 Continental Engine ---------------------------------------------------- $12,500.00
Spare 0-470 Continental Engine ---------------------------------------------------- $18,500.00
Spare Cylinders for the above engines ------------------------------------------------ $9,800.00
Spare Ignition Parts ------------------------------------------------------------------ $6,500.00
Misc. Parts ------------------------------------------------------------------------- $15,500.00

Sub Total---------------------------------------------------------------------------$222,800.00

Expansion Need:

NOTE: Some of the following materials have been obtained by transferring funds, borrowing etc. we still need the financial support to cover the following items. 

32 Yards of concrete for the footings of the 280 X 31 nested T hangar.
Concrete costs $84.00 per yard ----------------------------------------------------- $2,688.00 PTL This concrete is in we had to take the money from other funds, including credit cards, so we still need to replace it.   We still need more concrete and gravel to make ramps and pads in and around the hangar. 

Reconstruction of the Hangar that was transported to our facility -------------------- $10,000.00

105 squares of metal for roofing and walls.
Metal costs $53.00 per square ------------------------------------------------------ $5,565.00

**168 yards of concrete for the footings and floor of the 100’ X 100’ multipurpose building. This building is to
consist of Offices, Classrooms, dormitory rooms for foreign students and classrooms and parts rooms for our new
Airframe and Power Plant Mechanics school.
Concrete Costs $84.00 per yard. ------------------------------------------------- $15,000.00

185 squares of metal siding and roofing.
Metal costs $53.00 per square. ----------------------------------------------------- $9,805.00

Doors, windows, heating, plumbing, electrical, fixtures, insulation and
60’ X 12’ Bi-Fold Door. ---------------------------------------------------------- $30,750.00
Equipment Need:

Mooney M-20-C aircraft. This aircraft is needed to provided complex training for our commercial students.
We have to rent an aircraft at the present time and rental aircraft are extremely
hard to get. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ $35,000.00  (Note: we recently got a damaged Bonanza that, when it is made airworthy can do the job that we had planned to use the Mooney for the $35,000 is still needed to pay for the Bonanza and to make the necessary repairs.

Office Equipment:
Laser Color Printer ----------------------------------------------------------------- $1,000.00
Color Copier ---------------------------------------------------------------------
Computers -------------------------------------------------------------------------- $4,000.00
Office Furniture --------------------------------------------------------------------- $2,500.00

                                                                                                                 TOTAL $339,108.00


If you, someone you know, a church or other organization would like to help in any amount or level or for that matter would perhaps consider taking on one or more of these needs as a project, I would be glad to get more details when necessary to help.


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