Below are a few of the students we worked with over the last couple of years

2008-2009 and 2010 students

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Nathan Cain from Woodbury, TN has a call to become a missionary pilot and is nearing completion or his Commercial pilot certificate, he already has his Private with instrument rating and nearly two hundred hours.  Nathan has been a lot of help in maintaining our mission planes and property

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Geoffrey Combs has been flying with us for several years and is now nearing completion of his Private pilot certificate.  Geoffrey believes he has a call to become a missionary pilot someday.  Geoffrey's home church has been a great help to our mission by bringing a number of people to work for us here as well as financial partners with us.  If you are ever in the St. Robert, MO area on Sunday the St. Robert Church of God will make you welcome and you will be spiritually fed. 

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Phillip Willis is a professional nurse who works in St. Louis, Phillip has been in training with us for a while as he could.  Phillip is a mission oriented young man who wants to serve our Lord in any way he can and wants to become a missionary pilot

Jerry Hurd came from Proclaim Aviation in Minnesota for his tail wheel training and endorsement

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Jonathan Koski came for us to help prepare him for his TE (technical evaluation) at JAARS base in Waxhaw, NC after that he will be preparing to go to Nairobi, Kenya where he will be part of the AIM-AIR team.  Note from Jonathan:  Just wanted to let you know that I passed the TE and am being recommended for service as a mission pilot with AIM-Air  I really appreciate our time together.  It was probably the best thing I could have done to prepare for the TE.  The training you provided, both in the air and on the ground, was just what I needed to get focused on the TE.  The setting at Dove Field and CWW was perfect to set the stage for what was to come in Waxhaw!   I highly encourage any mission aviation pilot candidate to spend 20 hours with you prior to doing a TE.  Sometime this spring I plan to bring our 182 to Dove Field with one, maybe two, pilots who are pursuing mission aviation.  Both are A&P, both will be needing tailwheel training and both will need exposure to a setting such as Dove Field and your training program.  I am hoping that they might consider CWW.




Mercy flights

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Sarah Majors is a cancer patient and needed a flight to Rochester, MN.  Nathan Cain and Lionel Smith took Sarah and her husband to Rochester where she could be treated for cancer, we helped to get a relay flight set up with PCI (Pilots for Christ International) for their return flight

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4-14-2008 Andra Roberts was the patient her husband Bill is sitting with her. Andra needed to get to Joliet, IL for treatment for respiratory and other problems, Andra is secretary for Doe Run Church of God. 

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Mr. Bollander is 93 years old and a world war II veteran who had fallen and broken a hip in Toledo OH and needed transportation to West Plains, MO his Dr said he would be mush better off if he could fly to West Plains if possible

Work groups that came to help:  I want to extend a special thanks to each and every of the following groups for the physical help they have provided for Christian Wings for the World and the encouragement they have been to Sara and I.  PTL. 

Church of God:  St. Robert church of God came with a maxi-van load of people, tools and equipment to work on the T hangars and paint it.  The Church of God  of Rolla brought several members of their youth group to work with us during some of the same time that the St. Robert group was here. 

Richard Castle: Richard is from Callao, MO. Richard and some of his friends and family came for a work day and put a lot of metal on the T hangar

Bullard crew:  Came from Rushville,  Indiana for a work week, they worked mostly on the roof, while they were here they roofed four more bays on the hangar and did other projects for us.  This group was a mixed group of men and women some young and some not so young but all worked very hard and carefully. June 6-12  Bullard Work Crew here.   Howard Bullard his family Jennifer and Jordan along with several from his church at Rushville, Indiana, Ben Davis Creek Christian Church, came and did a lot of work on our hangar project, while they were here they roofed four more bays on the T hangar project.  PTL 

Alpha Aviation: Alpha Aviation is another aviation ministry who has been supportive of our work here and we have been able to network with them in various ways for several years.  Alpha brought a crew of men who worked for several days to hang doors and other projects while they were here. 

Ken and Karla Naegele, Serita: Ken Naegele worked for several weeks while we were tearing down the T hangars in Springfield, IL  Ken is a pilot and aircraft mechanic.  Ken, his sister Karla, and Karla's friend, Serita, came for a few days, they worked on the hangar door tracks.  The ladies did a lot of cleaning in our offices and our home as well:

Community Christian Church: Several of the members of Community Christian Church in Farmington came to do various different jobs here on the CWW projects over the years but recently did a fantastic job of refurbishing our 12x60 trailer that was in terrible shape.  

Richard Poe: Richard his wife Valerie, and son Willie, and friend John came for several days of work in doing various jobs on out T hangar project they started by pulling weeds and sprouts out of the inside of the hangar then by installing the tail bay and trim sheet metal, brace rods and other parts. 

Others came and worked:   I want to apologize for not having the details of who came for work. I plan to go through my notes. pictures and other records to find the details of others that worked for us and get them listed on this page.   Thanks to and for all who came to help CWW. 

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